GILF does not ask for any financial giving.  Currently, GILF is completely funded by Carl's paid musical engagements at local area bars, wine tasting rooms, and assisted living facilities.

It is believed that God will always provide what little funding is needed for GILF (currently about $300/month), and that if He ever does not provide needed funding then it is time to “close the doors and go home”.

People who want to give to God should do so according to their own heart and select good organizations and ministries that they feel are worthy of their God-given resources.

GILF is (technically speaking) a sole-proprietorship business, registered with the State of California, doing business in Nevada County as “The God Is Love Fellowship”. Though it is not legally a “non-profit” organization, and has no non-profit tax exemption, GILF considers itself to be non-profit in its endeavor. Income is gained from paid musical performances which are subject to being taxed. However, all income goes to GILF overhead and expenses, and to helping people in various ways as needs arise.